Justice for Attacked Escorts




A horrific story about two escorts in San Diego who were attacked by an axe-weilding mad mad has found as happy an end as it possibly.


The San Diegoan Branden Mathis was finally apprehended, allaying fears that more female sex workers may be at risk of violent kidnapp and torture.


Brought before court last Friday Mathis stated that he was moved to attack after finding himself in a "dark place". A dark place, that is, which force him to tie up and sexually abuse the ladies in what the court heard were prolonged attacks.


The details of which were deemed too graphic and disturbing for the courts to go into detail about.


Mathis, a man in his thirties began his spree on the 10th of January when he attacked an escort at a hotel. Having booked his appointment with the girl, he immediately tazered her, causing her to collapse and pass out.


Once inside he then tied her up and blind folded her, threatening to end her life is she screamed for help. In the proceeding few hours, Mathis repeatedly sexually assaulted the young lady, again threatening more violence if she dared do anything to stop him.


The court heard that when she had the blindfold taken off she saw an axe and other shears on the bed as well as knives that Mathis threatened to use on her. 


The second attack took place on the 29th, at the escort's private apartment in River Run Village. 


As was his modus operandi, the lady was again tazered and abused. It was only after a struggle that she managed to escape the apartment and jump from a second story balcony. 


This horrific case will hopefully be the end of Mathis' campaign of sexual violence, as he is facing eight felony charges including rape and torture, with his bail set at 4 million dollars. 


This is just another in a long list of reasons to make sex work and escorting legal, as the protection afforded to the girls by having to dodge the law simply puts their lives at risk. As we reported recently a predator who robbed escorts in Louisiana was finally brought to justice, and although it's a good thing that the law step in after the fact, it's not helping that these women have to deal in shady apartments where they are left exposed!


By Lexy Jones




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