Escorting and Punter Terminology

A Level - Anal sex
AC/DC Bisexual or Bisexuality. This describes individuals who enjoy sexual contact with both sexes or are curious about sexual contact with both sexes.
AIDS - Sexually transmitted disease, Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome
ATM - Ass to Mouth, describes oral sex by one person to another persons anus- can often be anal sex followed by oral sex.
AWO - Anal sex without a condom
B&D - Bondage and Discipline or Bondage and Domination
BB - Bareback - Sex without a condom
BBBF - Bareback Butt Fuck - Anal sex without a condom
BBBJ - Bareback Blow-job, oral sex on the penis without a condom
BBBJTC - Bareback Blow-job to completion, oral sex on the penis to ejaculation, not necessarily into the mouth.
BBBJTCIM - Bareback Blow-job to completion, oral sex on the penis to ejaculation into the mouth of the giver.
BBBJTCWS - Bareback Blow-job to completion with swallow, oral sex on the penis to ejaculation into the mouth of the giver who then swallows the sperm.
BBBJWF - Bareback Blow-job with facial. Oral sex on the penis to ejaculation where the sperm is ejaculated over the givers face.
BBF - Bareback Full Service, this indicates that the person is willing to have oral, anal and vaginal sex without the protection of a condom
BBW - Big Beautiful Woman
BDSM - Bondage , Discipline, Submission & Masochism or Bondage, Domination, Submission & Masochism or Bondage, Domination, Slave & Master or Bondage, Domination, Sadomasochism. A ‘catch-all’ term for a broad array of sexual practices, especially involving Restraint and inflicting pain.
BJ - Blowjob - Oral sex performed on a male, fellatio
BL - Ball Licking
BLS - Ball Licking and Sucking
BV - Bacterial Vaginosis, this is a vaginal infection that is not transmitted by sexual intercourse but is more common in women who are sexually active. If these letters are seen then any interested party should seek clear medical advice regarding its transmission, treatment etc.
CBJ - Covered Blow-job. Oral sex on a male using a Condom
CBT - A BDSM abbreviation for Cock and Ball Torture
CD - Cross dresser, usually a male who dresses in female clothing
CFS - Covered Full Service. Full sex using a Condom
CG - Cowgirl - Sex with the girl on Top facing the male
CID - Cum In Deep, indicating deep penetration by the male penis into the vagina or anus.
COF - Cum On Face, where the male penis ejaculates over the givers face
CIM - Cum in mouth, where the male penis ejaculates into the givers mouth
CDM - Carpet Matches Drapes - Head and pubic hair are the same colour
COB - Cum On Body, where the male penis ejaculates over any part of the givers body
CP - Corporal punishment, indicating that the person is either willing to receive spanking, caning or other punishments or is willing to give such punishments.
CSM - Cock Sucking Mouth
CWM - Cyber Whore-monger - American term for someone who uses the internet to contact working girls
DATO Dining at the O - American term for oral sex with the anus
DATY - Dining at the Y - American term for cunnilingus (oral sex per vagina)
DBE - Dirty Bitch Experience
DDP - Double Digit Penetration - one finger inserted into the vagina and one into the anus simultaneously.
DFK - Deep French Kissing, deep penetration of the tongue into the other persons mouth
DIY - Do it yourself – Masturbation
DL - Diaper Lover, indicating a person who enjoys wearing a diaper or other adult baby clothing
DP - Double Penetration - Usually one penis in the vagina, another in the anus
DSL - Dick Sucking Lips
DT - Deep Throat, where the penis is inserted deeply into the givers mouth often causing the giver to gag.
ED - Erectile Dysfunction, indicating problems for a male obtaining or maintaining an erection
EPID - Every Person Is Different
EPOC - Emergency Post-coital Oral contraception - Emergency contraception
FBSM - Full Body Sensual Massage
FFM - Female-Female-Male threesome
FK - French Kissing - Kissing using the tongue
FR - Field Report - A report by a punter about a meeting with a working girl
FS - Full Sex or Full Service - Penetrative sex
GB - Gang Bang - Female (usually) having sex with multiple male partners
GFE - Girlfriend Experience
GS - Golden Shower - One person urinating on another
HBV - Hepatitis B Virus, a serious infection which can be passed on by unprotected sexual contact with an infected person. If you are concerned regarding this you should seek proper medical advice.
HD - A BDSM abbreviation for Humiliation and Discipline
HJ - Hand Job - Masturbation of a male by hand
HR - Hand Relief - Masturbation of a male by hand
HS - Hardsports - Defecation in a sexual context
HWP - Height/Weight Proportional
IBM - Itty Bitty Meat - A small penis
IMHO - In My Humble Opinion
IMO - In My Opinion
ISE - Inhibited Sexual Excitement
ISO - In Search Of
IUD - Intrauterine device - An object inserted into the mouth of the uterus to prevent conception
JB - Jail-bait - an under-age female
JO - Jerk Off - male masturbation
LBGT - Lesbian , Bisexual , Gay & Transgender
MMF - Male-Female-Female threesome
MFS - Massage and Full Sex - American term
MILF - Mother I'd Like to Fuck, An attractive woman in her 30's or 40's
MM - Mutual Masturbation
MMF - Male-Male-Female threesome
NT - Nipple torture, or intense stimulation of the nipples
O - Oral Sex - Fellatio or cunnilingus
OTC - Oral To Completion
OTK - Over The Knee - Spanking
OWO - Oral without - Oral sex performed on a male without the use of a condom
OWOTC - OWO To Completion
POV - Point Of View - Porn shot from the viewpoint of one of the participants. Often oral sex taken from the POV of the male recipient.
PSE - Porn Star Experience
PVC - Poly-Vinyl-Chloride - Plastic used for fetish clothing
PYT - Pretty Young Thing
RCG - Reverse Cowgirl - Sex with the girl on top facing away from you
RLD - Red Light District
RM - Reverse Massage - The client massaging the escort
RO - Reverse Oral - The client performing oral sex on the escort
S&M - Sadomasochism - Sexual practices where pain , humiliation and power are used
STD - sexually Transmitted Diseases
STI - Sexually Transmitted Infections
SWO - Sex Without a condom
TG – Transgender
TLC - Tender Loving Care
TS – Transsexual
TV – Transvestite
TW 1 - Titty Wank 2 – Timewaster
UC - Uncut or Uncircumcised
UFO- Unbelievably Fantastic Orgasm
VD - Venereal Disease
VFM - Value for money
WAM - Wet And Messy
WG - Working Girl
WS – Watersports
XDR - X-dresser or cross-dresser (CD)
50/50 - American punting term - Half & Half . Oral sex followed by intercourse
69 - Simultaneous fellatio and cunnilingus


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