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Escort Recruitment: 

Do you have eye-catching pretty looks and thenatural beauty of a model or an actress?

Do you have an authentic, warm, engaging feminine personality?

Do you have a toned, trim weight/height proportionate figure (do you look great in a bikini)?

Are you between 18 and35 years of age?

Do you speak good English?

Are you well educated and well spoken?

Can you engage in a smart conversation about diverse topics?

Are you independent and available to travel internationally?

Do you have a sophisticated and refined manner?

Do you have a sense of playfulness and passion in your life?

Do you enjoy the company of older gentlemen?

Are you an honest and trustworthy person?

Do you have a high fashion wardrobe and impeccable grooming?

Are you free of major scars, tattoos & piercings?

Do you have the ability to listen and be attentive to others?

Do you seek to be represented by an exclusive agency that will NOT display your photos without your consent on an open website and will respect your need for privacy and discretion?

If you could honestly answer YES to most of the above criteria, then we invite you to explore further.

Your commitment to client satisfaction:

We only want to meet exceptional ladies who are willing to commit themselves to satisfying the desires of an elite clientele of discerning international gentlemen.

Our commitment of respect:

You have our unqualified commitment of respect as an equal and we can assure you that you will never be expected to do anything that you are uncomfortable with. You always have a choice and a responsibility to your own values.

Exceptional International Reputation:

Taking pride in being an Elite Escort Agency, we established a valuable reputation for honesty, integrity and authenticity in an industry plagued with deception. It is essential that you embrace these same values and maintain that reputation through your representation of the agency.

Opportunity of a lifetime!

We are offering you an exceptional opportunity to join our unique International Escort Agency. Assuming you follow our guidance and apply what we instruct, you will achieve the highest level of success and the financial rewards will be beyond your wildest dreams. In addition, you will also experience a spiritual growth and a deeper sense of the world and the connectedness of all things.

Your Privacy Guaranteed:

Just as we protect the privacy and confidentiality of our clients, we also guarantee absolute privacy and discretion for the ladies we represent. We will never divulge your identity or other data to any third parties without your consent and when you leave us; all your records will be permanently deleted.

Full Training Provided:

Once your application has been reviewed and you have attended an initial interview, we will assess your needs and provide training in a wide variety of skills. These include; speech, conversation, grooming, couture, etiquette, wine, fine dining and social skills. We will also coach you in all aspects of how to manage and conduct an engagement to ensure complete client satisfaction.

Online Application:

If you would now like to explore this exceptional opportunity further, please start by completing Escort Application Form.


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