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£150 London Escorts at Premier Models UK

20 December 2022


Searching for a sexual experience in London with cheap escorts look no further than London escort agency recommendation. Here you will discover the benefits of booking a sexy escort from Premier Models UK London escort agency. From choosing the sexiest London escorts for £150 to getting a real girlfriend experience, you’ll get everything you’re looking for from a top-rated escort agency.


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London Escorts For Virgins And First Timers

09 June 2014


We know that there are many guys out there who are shy, nervous or embarrassed about being virgins and it puts them off of trying to go further with a lady that they like. Worry not, though! Our London Escorts are here to take care of you and educate you in the world of wily feminine charms!


It can become the elephant in the room and many people feel like they can't approach the subject with friends or girlfriends because they don't feel inadequate. The thing to remember is that this is all in your head and there are simple ways of dealing with it!


Many of our London escorts specialise in dealing with guys who are shy, or first timers who are unsure about what to expect! It's their job to put you at ease, get you relaxed and in the mood. These women are professionals and will give you the experience of a life time, they know exactly what they are doing and will perform better than any others girls that you will find...


Booking An Escort In London For The First Time


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London The City of Angels

16 May 2014


Ok, OK. We know that accolade belongs to L.A., but we feel we have a point here. With so many outstandingly gorgeous London Escorts scattered across the capital, we think that it's time that the states moved over and London took the prized title instead. 


These beautiful girls that come to the UK all want to end up in London because it's the place to be. It's where things are happening. London offers every opportunity you could ever imagine, all interconnected by our transport network. From the docks of East London to the ever trendy and up market districts of Mayfair and Kensington, you will find the hottest escorts available 24 hours a day.


Whenever the urge takes you to book a call girl for a night of shenanigans in your room, or to find a beautiful date to take out on the town, there's guaranteed to be a sexy escort just minutes from wherever you are. Just like the ultra sexy, tall leggy ...

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Bayswater Escorts Are Taking Over!

22 April 2014


Bayswater isn't the most visited district in London, in fact if you asked most Londoners they probably wouldn't know anything about it. It's a strange place tacked on to the north side of Hyde Park and stuffed inside the City of Westminister. 


It's kind of a hinterland between Edgware Road and the leafier parks, though it's much, much more than that.


For a long time Bayswater has been a bustling melting pot for people from the far flung corners of the globe. With a large and ever increasing Brazilian community, it is also home to a wealth of other cultures, from Greek to Arabic and the United States, you will find someone from a different nationality on every block.


Now there's another crew who are starting to take over!

 Bayswater Escort Stefany a tall sexy brunette from Italy


The Bayswater Escorts 


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Advice For Escort First Timers

26 March 2014


We get a lot of calls from guys and girls who haven't met with one of our London Escorts before and feel slightly nervous about the whole encounter. Whilst it's completely natural to be trepidatious, as you are effectively walking into the unknown, there is no reason to worry. Meeting an escort is a wonderful and fulfilling experience that will allow you to open up your eyes to a whole new world of fantasy and reality.


But for any of you out there who are still a little wary of making your first booking, follow this handy little guide and you will find your first time to be more pleasant than you ever could have imagined. 


Booking an Escort


This is the first step, and the simplest by far. Just browse through our London Escort galleries or use our handy little side bars to navigate to a gallery of specific type of lady that you like. We have a whole host of girls from

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Justice for Attacked Escorts

12 February 2014



A horrific story about two escorts in San Diego who were attacked by an axe-weilding mad mad has found as happy an end as it possibly.


The San Diegoan Branden Mathis was finally apprehended, allaying fears that more female sex workers may be at risk of violent kidnapp and torture.


Brought before court last Friday Mathis stated that he was moved to attack after finding himself in a "dark place". A dark place, that is, which force him to tie up and sexually abuse the ladies in what the court heard were prolonged attacks.


The details of which were deemed too graphic and disturbing for the courts to go into detail about.


Mathis, a man in his thirties began his spree on the 10th of January when he attacked an escort at a hotel. Having booked his appointment with the girl, he immediately tazered her, causing her to collapse and pass out.


Once inside he then tied her up and blind folded her, threatening to end her life is she screamed for help. In the proceeding few hours, Mathis repeatedly sexually assaulted the young lady, again threatening more violence i...

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30 Minute Incall Escorts

21 January 2014


Seductive 30 Minute Escort Services


We appreciate that you're busy people. No matter how much you want to spare a few hours to spend with one of our teen escorts, it is hard to fit it around your schedule. 


Often we have clients calling us unsure about when they want to meet and for how long. Either because they don't know what time they will be free, or how long it is that they want to spend with one of our girls.


It's very hard to decide which lady you want to take out as well... and it can be annoying when you figure out that it was another female companion you wanted to spend your time with.


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Skimpy Christmas Outfits For Women

16 December 2013


This week the Daily Mail - yes, we know we shouldn't, but we just can't help but get sucked into that side bar of doom - printed pictures of Pippa Middleton dressed up all sexy like a chistmas present. 


Pippa Middleton Sexy Santa Nude


We couldn't help buy wish for a reverse shot so we could check out that world famous derriere! But it got us thinking about the whole sexy christmas thing. A couple of our girls have gone and got themselves some naughty outfits this winter and we were wondering what you thought of our naughty London escorts?


First off we have the sexy 23 year old escort in Marble Arch. A young eastern european babe, this blonde beauty loves getting into the festive spirit and would just love to lick your candy cane tonight!


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Christmas Stocking Fillers With London Escorts

03 December 2013


The nights are well and truly drawing in now. I mean, I write this at quater to 5 and already it's pitch black outside. The heating's on early and we're all fed up already of the bitter winter cold, wondering, "is it always this bad?" Well, yes, it is. And there's a big chill about to hit London as Arctic winds descend on the capital. It seems as though there's nothing to cheer us up, and even with the chintzy bell ringing of Christmas growing ever louder, you can't help but feel as if you're falling deeper down the rabbit hole!

Sexy Christmas Escort Girl Anna Marie ready for the holiday in London



But worry not! It's not all doom and gloom, and there are still some things to get you feeling better this winter season. Just check out our new London Escorts Gallery for one! The girls are updated weekly so there always something to warm you up i...

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Punternet Reviews For Our London Escorts

20 November 2013


We are delighted that many of you are now reviewing our girls on Punternet, as it's regarded as a pretty gold standard part of the London punting network - (the network of men and women who use escort services). It's a large and progressive community that always seeks to keep itself ahead of the game and abreast of any news or developments in the London escort service.


But for those of you who aren't let us point you in the right direction. As I was saying, this is a community lead forum and service, which gives in depth reviews of times spent with escorts across the UK. People who have spent time with these men and women will give feedback on the quality of not only the service but the agency that has provided it. This way there is a peer approved network that dishes out its own quality control, so that professional companions that provide inferior service or engage in nefarious activities can be weeded out, whil...

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English Escorts in London At Premier Models UK

08 November 2013


It's kind of funny that we so rarely have English escorts in London. More often than not it's the South Americans or the Europeans that come over here to flaunt what they've got, whereas we find that most of the English escorts up sticks and instead ply their trade abroad. 

Perhaps it's because this industry allows you to travel and see the world, and so many of our British Escort girls take advantage of that and take off and experience other cultures. Perhaps they're just fed up of the miserable weather, and with winter now getting into full swing, who can blame them? 

One thing that will cheer you up, however, is the fact that at Premier Models UK we have recently added some seriously sexy English London escorts to our site! These super sexy British babes are more than up for it and are a seriously rare treat! What with how few English escorts we actually have they are always extremely busy, so gentlemen (and women) who are looking to book a date with these ladies should book in advance in order to avoid any disappointme...

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Sex Sells

03 October 2013


Escort Agency News London Premier Models Uk Sex Sells Article Petite Escorts


We all know the old adage that sex sells. You've all see the posters on the tube, billboards, the perfume adverts on the TV. There's a hot guy, sweat dripping down his forehead, and a sexy girl, with sweat dripping everywhere - and they're using their bodies to sell a product. It's saturated into our mainstream culture and is something that has many arguments for and against - feminist camps are even divided on the empowerment vs. abuse line that these sorts of things seem to tread.


This is further evident in the way that a lot of people are sold - through music for instance - or celebrity. You need only glance at Miley Cyrus' recent escapades to see that this young woman's public face has been sexualised in order to sell her product to a larger ...

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Sex And Politics

28 July 2013


David Cameron Porn On the Internet Ban


It's been a strange week in the oft-overlapping worlds of sex and politics both in England's fair isle and across the pond in the United States. We've found politicians on the different ends of the spectrum come under fire due to their stance on sex and its accessibility. 


In the UK, PM David Cameron has been waging a crusade against the country's access to internet porn. Announcing a system that seemed to spring up overnight, Cameron has decreed that a bill will be passed which means that any household wanting to access porn will have to 'opt-in' - declaring to their internet providers that they would like to be able to stream adult film on their home computers. 


It is Cameron's position that the free access to pornography on the internet is having a destructive and detrimental e...

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Dressed To Kill

01 March 2013


Sexy London Escort Girl



While taking a shower, our sexually frustrated call girl Kate has a sexy fantasy about having a Threesome with a man and a woman at the same time.


Always complaining to her London escort friends about her boyfriend’s pathetic performance in bed, she meets a strange girl at a museum and returns to her apartment where they continue a passionate encounter that began in the taxicab.


Whilst the couples heated passion was raving at its height her boyfriend realizes he had forgotten his phone and returns to the apartment, and has a glimpse of the two girls in the 69 position all lusted a...

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Marie McKinlay

13 December 2012


On the 16th November 2012 Marie McKinlay was finally cleared of charges which included the controlling of prostitution for gain and money laundering that allegedly happened between the years of 2008 and 2011. Many London escorts are aware of Marie McKinlay and she is well known by many for saying that her two favourite things are sex and money. She supposedly ran a £500,000 a year prostitute agency; prostitution itself is not actually illegal but the controlling of prostitutes is. Marie McKinlay stated that she was merely an agent for the prostitutes and was therefore cleared of all her charges.

Prostitution is a profitable trade and has often been compared to the escort business. Many escorts in London would disagree with this comparison but are still in support of Marie McKinlay and her court clearance. Marie McKinlay only took commission from the girls who worked at her agency and did not by any means control them, although the commission was estimated at being 30% and she had earned over £90,000 in the first six months of 2011. It is said tha...

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Spoilt for Choice

07 December 2012


If you have decided to spend your time with one of the beautiful escorts London offers then you should be aware that it may take you a while to choose, as there are so many different girls from so many different backgrounds available.Every man has his own preferences and if a certain type takes your fancy then you can be sure that there will be the perfect Escort  for you to spend a perfect evening with. Our girls are from all over the globe so you’ll definitely be spoilt for choice.We have everything from absolutely gorgeous Latin American ladies, South African girls to Slovakian escorts available.If you like European girls then you’re in luck as many of our escorts in London are from Eastern Europe.We have gorgeous Russians and beautiful Brazilians available, as well as some elegant Estonians.O...

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How to Behave with a London Escort

29 November 2012


If you have been considering booking an Escort or perhaps were wondering about the correct way to behave, here is all the information you need. Booking an escort is a very common and popular way to spend time, especially in the London area. Escorts in London can provide excellent company that involves intelligent conversation, humour and of course beauty. One of the first things you should remember when thinking about how to behave is that escorts are only human and therefore should be treated like any other elegant woman you may have spent time with. These girls appreciate politeness and respect and will offer you excellent entertainment and the utmost consideration which should always be returned.


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Satisfy Your Needs

02 October 2012


You don’t need to think of a good excuse to spend your evening with one of our busty escorts as there are plenty of benefits that we can think of! If you are considering spending good quality time with one of our busty London escorts then look no further than Premier Models. Our delectable young ladies are all extremely feminine, beautiful and friendly girls who are just waiting to show you a good time! Our girls all have beautiful figures to go with their beautiful personalities, with natural curves that will have you drooling at the sight of them!




You have the option of an incall meeting at their London apartments or we can arrange for a stunningly gorgeous busty escort of your choice to meet you anywhere in Central London as an outcall. Our girls are available for any length of time, whether you want to request their company for 1 hour or for the whole evening; we have a beautiful girl that can satisfy your needs and help you relax. One of the best benefits our girls can of...

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Bisexual London escorts

29 June 2012


Bisexual London escorts are extremely versatile girls as they are happy to meet with both male and female clients. They also love to have fun with couples and enjoy being part of a sexy duo escort couple themselves. Bisexual London escorts do tend to be the most open minded escorts you could possibly hope to meet and they are certainly not fazed by any new suggestions from clients, rather they adore trying out something new and relish the opportunity to experience something a little bit different.


Many of our Bisexual escorts happily offer a duo escort service with another of our bisexual London escorts. On each escort profile you will see links to other escorts as these are the escorts that they will happily work with. In some cases some of our female bisexual escorts will work with male bisexual escorts so all bases are covered fulfilling all our client’s needs.


Appointments with our bisexual London escorts are popular with couples and swingers. Some couples like to sp...

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Latin London escorts

27 June 2012


Premier Models  London escort agency offer a unique service for individuals, executives and CEO’s who require professional companionship for a limited time in London. We have an extensive portfolio of ladies who are all ideal choices for a variety of occasions, formal or informal. We encourage our clients to browse our galleries in order to select the lady most suited to your needs.

Many of our clients express an interest in a particular type of escort companion such as Latin escorts and so we have arranged our galleries in such a way that our clients can search for their ideal escort with ease. Our Latin escorts gallery is a good example where all of our sexy escort companions of Latin descent can be viewed, regardless of nationality, location or age. If a client is seeking a companion with a particular look which he feels would be more in keeping with his event he can simply filter out all of the blonde escorts and contain his search to just our brunette Latin escorts. However we do have a small number of Latin blonde escorts should you prefer.


Our Latin escorts...

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