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David Cameron Porn On the Internet Ban


It's been a strange week in the oft-overlapping worlds of sex and politics both in England's fair isle and across the pond in the United States. We've found politicians on the different ends of the spectrum come under fire due to their stance on sex and its accessibility. 


In the UK, PM David Cameron has been waging a crusade against the country's access to internet porn. Announcing a system that seemed to spring up overnight, Cameron has decreed that a bill will be passed which means that any household wanting to access porn will have to 'opt-in' - declaring to their internet providers that they would like to be able to stream adult film on their home computers. 


It is Cameron's position that the free access to pornography on the internet is having a destructive and detrimental effect upon children and adults alike. In the recent case of the murder of April Jones it was brought to public attention that the offender Mark Bridger was addicted to child abuse videos he found on the internet and to some extend Cameron's decision to pass this bill has been influenced by this fact. A father of young children himself, he understandably wants to do something to help protect the children but it seems like his efforts are misplaced.


He even went on to claim that the large search engines enable Child abuse. However, these kinds of sites are by and large not indexed by Google and will have to be accessed through alternate methods not regulated by IPs. So it seems that this ban will only effect those searching for conventional porn. Why then does he seek to prevent the free access to porn? Preventing children accessing x-rated content is surely a responsibility that a parent should take on, it then seems as though he has an alternative agenda. Controlling your access to information is the first step towards dictatorship, and with the conspiracy theorists out in full force already, there are plenty claiming that Cameron's plan is to start cutting up the internet into manageable chunks so that the Government can finally sieze control. 


In lighter news, our new favourite sleezy politician, flagging Mayoral candidate for New York and appropriately surnamed sex hound, Anthony Weiner, has been dealing with public criticism of his adulterous ways in a series of press conferences. With his wife admonishing him for 'making mistakes just like everyone else', Weiner has been attempting to pull the old, 'I just can't help myself, it's an addiction' line. A liberal city, many New Yorkers don't seem fazed by his cheating and seem to think that his inclination to cheat will not bleed into his political life (or perhaps they're so jaded already that they accept his title of politician is already basically a synonym for liar). 


However, this line of defense won't stand up any longer! Sex addiction is no longer accepted as a medical condition by the new American psychology handbook - the DSM5. It appears that it's just that normal thing we all call lust after all, and that some like to get what they lust after, whereas others don't. So sorry Mr. Weiner, ain't no saving you now!



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