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We are delighted that many of you are now reviewing our girls on Punternet, as it's regarded as a pretty gold standard part of the London punting network - (the network of men and women who use escort services). It's a large and progressive community that always seeks to keep itself ahead of the game and abreast of any news or developments in the London escort service.


But for those of you who aren't let us point you in the right direction. As I was saying, this is a community lead forum and service, which gives in depth reviews of times spent with escorts across the UK. People who have spent time with these men and women will give feedback on the quality of not only the service but the agency that has provided it. This way there is a peer approved network that dishes out its own quality control, so that professional companions that provide inferior service or engage in nefarious activities can be weeded out, whilst those that provide the best can be highlighted and promoted.


Whilst Punternet may be the most popular, there are also other services such as Captain69 and Punterlink which also provide exemplary services for the community. So, what we would like to do is to encourage you, whenever you spend time with any of our London escorts, to post a review on one of these networks so that our girls can get a fair and honest coverage for any others who may be interested in their services. It won't cost you anything, and only takes a couple of minutes to complete. If you do fill in a review, let us know and we will find some way of rewarding you ;)


So far we've had a few of our ladies reviewed, some that have come and gone, but others that are still around and have provided such fantastic female companionship in London that their clients just had to write it up! Most recently we had the Mature Milf Duo Escorts Christinne and Charlotte receive a great review about their BDSM services in Mayfair. Before that we had the incredibly sexy London teen escort Stella receive a, well, stellar write up. 


If you read these reviews (which can be found on their profiles), you will get a much more personal feel for these ladies and their services, so that you know, when you book any time with them, what you can expect. This is a great network, and is a win win for any of those that write reviews, as they are not only helping the community grow, but can also learn a great deal about any London escorts around. 




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