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On the 16th November 2012 Marie McKinlay was finally cleared of charges which included the controlling of prostitution for gain and money laundering that allegedly happened between the years of 2008 and 2011. Many London escorts are aware of Marie McKinlay and she is well known by many for saying that her two favourite things are sex and money. She supposedly ran a £500,000 a year prostitute agency; prostitution itself is not actually illegal but the controlling of prostitutes is. Marie McKinlay stated that she was merely an agent for the prostitutes and was therefore cleared of all her charges.

Prostitution is a profitable trade and has often been compared to the escort business. Many escorts in London would disagree with this comparison but are still in support of Marie McKinlay and her court clearance. Marie McKinlay only took commission from the girls who worked at her agency and did not by any means control them, although the commission was estimated at being 30% and she had earned over £90,000 in the first six months of 2011. It is said that she put both of her daughters through private school in Hampshire with the money made from the business.

Her agency is called Agency Allure and is based on the idea that women should be in control, whilst offering services from girlfriend to pornstar experiences to the very highest standard of clients. Marie McKinlay was seven months pregnant at the time of her trial and has two other daughters who she lives with as well as her partner in Frome, Somerset in a modern four bedroom house. It is said that Marie McKinlay had more of an administrative part of the business and is currently the sole founding member of Allure; now that she has been cleared she is free to restart her business if she wishes.

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